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People power in the church - volunteerism trends and charts

A church is people power more than technology power. Even when you have the budget for the technology, without the trained staff and relationships with the congregation that form the network of the community, a powerful app just will sit unused and be another decorative desktop icon. The power of the church is made real as we connect in the mind of Christ with doing good deeds without the expectations of getting paid for it. Let's see how volunteers tend to engage with the church in doing that. A quick summary Federal statistics on volunteerism in the U.S. gives us a sense of who is showing up for work days and how to plan for tasks that volunteers are willing to perform. CNN recently published  a general summary of the federal data on volunteerism  which gives an overall secular view of how people give away their time. They highlighted that a quarter of U.S. adults share their time especially with food collection and distribution. Age, gender and ethnicity really didn&#